Drawing prompts



I like drawing, but I don't always know what to draw. The internet is full of random drawing prompt generators to help you with that and I figured I should make my own. As of now this generator can give 6 different kinds of drawing suggestions.


This one is pretty straight forward. It's just a simple js script with a very big JSON full of possible strings that the script then uses to make suggestions in different ways. Not hard to code, but it does take some imagination to come up with enough ideas for the generator to remix into good prompts with enough variety.

I made the layout quickly using Tailwind CSS. For a long while though I was only focusing on the javascript and didn't care what the layout looked like. So it used to look like this:

What the layout used to look like
image of the roelifant logo, as wel as a sketch showing the skeleton of circles and lines that the logo was made of