Untitled Kingdom Game

Disclaimer: This game is a work in progress!


I had this idea for a cardgame about a kingdom that is about to be destroyed by a dragon. By playing all sorts of cards different players would have a thug of war between players that wanted the kingdom destroyed, and players that wanted to save it. I never made that card game, but I did make this weird prototype that you can play in your browser.

It's visibly unfinished; the cards have no art and there are no visuals showing the state of the kingdom. But the game is playable against 6 AI players, explains the rules well and is surprisingly fun when you get into it.


When it comes to this game, we're still in the middle of the process so I don't have much to report here other than that I'm making it using html, css and vanilla javascript.

image of the roelifant logo, as wel as a sketch showing the skeleton of circles and lines that the logo was made of