Disclaimer: Most of this project has been put offline after graduation.


For our thesis two other students and I created an app together that could keep track of how employees traveled to work, to automate the process of dealing out accurate commute bonuses at the end of the month/year. As the main developer of the team I was helped by Jens Gilis (graphic designer and animator) and Thierry Van Craen (business and presentation). The project consisted of an android app, a web app and lots of branding material such as a landingpage, logo, icons,...

The app would track what distance the user traveled and it would even detect in what vehicle they did this. As soon as it was online, it would send this data to a web app where the employer could see the data live. The project focused on reducing the company's carbon foot print and so both the employer and the employee would be rewarded for green commutes with a better rating.

View the android app repository

View the web app repository


The mobile app was made using Android Studio. It used both an internal sqlite database (using the Room persistance library) and Firebase as a shared database between the mobile app and the web app. The web app was build using html, css, javascript and php and used the Firebase web API.

image of the roelifant logo, as wel as a sketch showing the skeleton of circles and lines that the logo was made of