Roel Van Rossen

Full stack web developer

Hello! I'm Roel, a Belgian web developer and allround creative person. I like tinkering with code, creating fun little games, drawing and writing fiction. I studied Interactive Multimedia Design and Application Development. Want to know more? Just scroll down!

What can I do?

Full stack web development


Naturally, I have a thorough knowledge of all the basics: html, css and vanilla javascript.

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As well as a good understanding of fundamental back-end solutions for web, such as vanilla php and node.js.

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Advanced front-end

I'm experienced at using front-end frameworks such as Angular and I like optimising my workflow with Sass, Typescript, Gulp and more.

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Advanced back-end

I know my way around php frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. I also have experience working with content management systems.

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UI/UX design

Design tools

I like working with the Adobe suite, especially Illustrator which is my prefered tool for designing icons, logos, interfaces and even animations when paired with After Effects. I also know my way around non-Adobe tools such as Figma.

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Application development

Native, mobile and hybrid

Finally I know Java, C# and Python. I can develop mobile apps using android studio and Ionic + Capacitor. In my free time I like fooling around with Unity 2D.

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Interactive Multimedia Design

I have a professional bachelor of Information Management and Multimedia, which I studied at Thomas More hogeschool in Mechelen. For my thesis I developed an Android app and a php web app. I also worked at a three month internship where I did general front-end development.

+ internship @ Mia Interactive in Antwerp

Application Development

I also have a professional bachelor of Electronics-ICT, which I studied at Thomas More hogeschool in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (De Nayer). I chose the Application Development option and for my thesis I did a three month internship at Arxus NV, where I worked with Symfony and Angular (+ the NgRx module).

+ internship @ Arxus in Kontich

About me

Soft skills


Seems obvious, but my strength isn't just that I can code. It's that I like coding in any language. I don't have a preference for one language over the other, nor a preference for front-end over back-end. I love being versatile and I love learning new technologies, new methods, new philosophies and being curious about code.

Visualising ideas

Now or then my latent design skills will wake up when a new idea is needed or has to be visualised. Essentially this means I have a way with wireframes, mockups, icons and colors. Allthough when it comes to the latter I have a strong bias for brown...


Teamwork makes the dream work. Two people working together can achieve as much as five people working independently. Entering a new team is like finding a new puzzle where I get to learn new things, discover everyone's strengths and then use that to produce something good together.


Game development

As a kid I had this dorky habbit of making my own boardgames out of paper. Over the years that hobby has gradually transformed into coding my own little video games. Having missed the great Flash era by a few years, I make games with whatever I can get my hands on. That turns out to be mostly javascript but I also play around with Unity. I aim to make simple but enjoyable games with minimalistic graphics as well as fun and engaging systems. I use this very website to share my new experiments with friends.


Drawing's good for the soul. I like doodling on paper, creating digital art using a drawing tablet with photoshop and creating vectors and animations with Illustrator.


Following the trend of total nerd hobbies, I also like to write fiction. I prefer to write in dutch/flemish and my plots tend to be fantastical beyond reason. This one may seem like an outlier, but it's by writing big projects that I learned about endurance and having a consistent workflow. These skills have helped me on other endeavours too, both amateur and professional.